Findall - patch for Cyrus -- deprecated


mboxlist_findall in certain cases doesn't keep the pattern that is supplied intact. If the pattern is for example user.arisg then the pattern remains intact. However, if the pattern contains one of the *, %, ? or @ then when findall returns the pattern is changed (the last character of the pattern string is removed). This small patch makes the pattern to remain intact after calling findall. This helps to make subsequent calls to mboxlist_findall without reconstructing the pattern.
Actually this should be the default behaviour of mboxlist_findall, since we provide a pattern to search, and this pattern should not change when mboxlist_findall returns.


Mar, 23 2004: This patch is no longer needed, since it was merged to the mail cyrus CVS tree and wiil be included in future releases (>2.2.3)
Mar, 11 2004: Initial release for the patch. Applied to the CVS code downloaded at 7/11/2004.


NO neeed to download this patch if you are using cyrus-imapd from a recent cvs, or >2.2.3 release

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