“RemoteControl2” is an implementation of an XMLRPC/JSONRPC API for the popular open-source survey application LimeSurvey.

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Limesurvey is a full featured online survey application, intended to be used for creating and publishing surveys, collect responses and export statistics. It's purpose is to accommodate a large user base with diverse needs so there is an abundance of features and settings at the users disposal.

The prominent of these features is the API which facilitates the connectivity with other web applications.

Our projects objective was initially the creation and update of this API for the version 2 of LimeSurvey. Eventually the API was integrated into the core LimeSurvey application. The NKUA's development team is currently an official member of the LimeSurvey project, and is maintaining and supporting this API. We are committed to do so, for the following releases and play an even more active role in the future.

Sites's overview

This page will be hosting all much more than a simple overview of the project Users that are interested in the RemoteControl API can find here a series of features

  • Design principles of the API and the implementation's objectives.
  • Detailed documentation for the API's functions and the model it refers to.
  • Support and contact information of the API's creation team.
  • Test scenarios and usage guide.
  • New and Experimental features for the Remotecontrol that are not part of the LimeSurvey application yet.
  • Future plans and thoughts about the course of the API.

Read more about the API in Introduction and Motivation and the full function reference in Documentation.