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Developer Notes

  1. PHP Limitations
  2. Linking to Arcanum
  3. API Reference
  4. Links to Standards and Documents

This section describes the limitations of PHP.

  • Paging in search is not available until PHP 5.4.0.

<base_url >[<startpage>][<arguments>]


  • index.php (login page)
  • myaccount.php (for editing account info)
  • changepassword.php (for changing password)


service=<rawurlencoded service url> Service URL for going back to web service index,myaccount,changepassword
casauth=1 Enable CAS authentication myaccount
renew=true When redirecting back to web service, carry the 'renew=true' argument to force reauthentication with CAS index
expired=1 A flag that enables a different text to be displayed instead of the usual intro ("Your password is expired or inactive and has to be changed") index,changepassword
resetted=1 A flag that enables a different text to be displayed instead of the usual intro ("Your current password can only be used in order to change the password") index
token=<auth_token> Enable token authentication (a token must be registered first via the API) changepassword


redirecting, after successful login, to "fill in your details" page

redirecting when authentication failed with additional information 'passwordExpired'

redirecting after authentication aborts, with additional information 'passwordMustChange'

Clear an account for immediate password change / reset


Allowed from: IP addresses found in:


Server will simply return a token. After you get this token, you will need to refer the user to go to:


If there is an error, then the HTTP server status will be "405 Method Not Allowed" and the body of the HTML response will be the error string.

Perform SMS token authentication


Allowed from: IP addresses found in:



  • smsc: the number of the SMS message centre
  • phone: the number of the mobile phone that originated the password reset request
  • text: the body of the text message