According to the Sieve notification extension one can use message variables in order to dynamically set the notification message context. Among others, $env-from$ and $from$ can be used, referring to the RFC2821 from-address and RFC2822 from-header of the message that triggered the notification action. Unfortunately, the extension does not specify any mechanism to dynamically set the notification recipient.

The autoreply patch provides an immidiate response mechanism for the mail notification method, allowing one to set the "envelope-from" or "header-from" address of the original message as the notification message recipient. This is achieved by the use of $env-from$ and $from$ variables as part of the :options tag of the Sieve filter.

Although autoreply users may think of additional uses, the motivation behind autoreply is to provide Cyrus' Sieve implementation a mechanism of immidiate response against various challenge/response anti-spam systems. At the moment autoreply only supports $env-from$, since the implementation of $from$ has brought some further issues into account.


March, xx 2005 First release of autoreply patch for Cyrus IMAPd 2.1.18 and Cyrus IMAPd 2.2.12.


Autoreply may be downloaded from download site.

Installation instructions

Just download the latest autoreply patch and apply it to Cyrus.

Open Issues

Certain issues have appeared on implementing $from$ variables support. In order to effectively support these variables several changes have to be applied on Cyrus mail notification functions, and especially on the way Cyrus passes the mail notification to sendmail.



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