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The interface provides a user-friendly interface that, in the end, creates part of a Sieve script, a so called rule. It then assembles all the rules to form a Sieve script.

For the sake of user-friendliness, it provides only a subset of Sieve's functionality; the main goal was to provide a simple interface for Joe User to create server-side filters without knowing anything about the language itself.

The plugin does not provide a parser; instead, it saves PHP meta-data in the script itself, in order to continue editing and manipulation of the filters. The only thing that is supported is a script called "phpscript" on the Cyrus server. Multiple scripts are not supported yet.


This plugin provides:

  • Simple HTML interface.
  • Javascript functionality that enhances the user interaction, however there is HTML-only fallback for accessibility.
  • Match messages based on email headers, size, or apply to all messages.
  • Configurable number of header matches.
  • Support of keeping a message, move to an existing or new folder, email redirection.
  • Supports Sieve Vacation.
  • Supports Sieve Notification action.
  • Create a rule on-the-fly, while reading a message in Squirrelmail. This function will auto-detect List-Id: headers for mailing lists.
  • Runs through all the rules, but supports a stop command when a rule matches.
  • Change the order of rules - or delete them altogether.
  • Enable / Disable rules on the fly, without deleting them.
  • Make a textual description of the rule.
  • Localizable.
  • Automatic adaption to the capabilities of each site's Sieve.

..but does not provide:

  • A Sieve parser. Yet.