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Installing Avelsieve Squirrelmail Plugin for the first time

  1. Untar the plugin under the squirrelmail/plugins directory.
  1. Copy config/config_sample.php to config/config.php.

Edit config.php to your preferences. The file is self-documented with comments, and the defaults are OK for most installations.

See the config_sample.php file for more information.

Additional Server Configuration

Cyrus IMAP

Sieve scripts can get quite large, especially with the metadata that avelsieve saves together with the script.

In Cyrus, you are advised to make the permitted Sieve script size bigger, in imapd.conf:

 # Maximum size (in kilobytes) any sieve script can be, enforced at
 # submission by timsieved(8).
sieve_maxscriptsize: 32

Changing the default size of 32 kb to 128 kb should be OK for most purposes.

Upgrading Avelsieve Squirrelmail Plugin

  1. Move the old avelsieve directory aside:

mv avelsieve avelsieve-prev

  1. Untar the new version.
  1. Check the documentation (doc/NEWS) if there are any new configuration options.
  1. Copy your previous configuration file:

cp ../avelsieve-prev/config/config.php ./config/

5) You can also try a diff with the sample configuration file, if there are any changes:

vim -d config_sample.php config.php


meld config_sample.php config.php If and only if you are positive that things work as before (or, even, better), then delete the old directory!